Parents-infant therapy

These sessions seek to enhance maternal care, develop the mothers’ skills, and improve the positive mother-infant interaction.

For this purpose, the CARE INDEX tool is used.

What is the CARE INDEX tool?

The Infant CARE-Index (Child-Adult Relationship Experimental Index is the only psychological tool specifically designed to assess the parent-infant interaction from birth up to 15 months of age through the observation of both agents. This evaluation method is based on in-depth analysis and versatile interpretation of a short (3 to 5 minutes) videotaped mother-infant play. It focuses on the non-verbal behaviours, interpersonal strategies, and developmental processes taking place during the interaction.

The Infant CARE-Index treats the mother-infant relationship as a “dyadic dance”, in which both parties participate equally. It centres on parents’ sensitivity to infants’ needs as the key factor determining the outcome of the “choreography”.

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