Parents-infant therapy

Every psychotherapeutic intervention for parents and infants aged 0-2 years is necessary because: It has therapeutic effects usually soon, bringing about changes not only in the child’s symptoms but also in the functioning of the parent-child relationship. It has a potential for primary prevention, since the intervention is early. When parents succeed in freeing the representations they have of their child from those derived from their own history and thereby avoiding interference with each other, then a better development for the child can begin to be released. It is a therapeutic intervention for parents, as it is an opportunity to stop repeatinh their own early traumatic experiences.

Brief mother-father-infant psychotherapy is psychoanalytically inspired. It does not aim at a “teaching”, at showing parents the elements that should change in their behavior. It unfolds in an average of eight sessions. It is mainly applied to functional disorders (dietary, gastrointestinal, sleep disorders) but also to difficulties in establishing a harmonious relationship between parents and their infant. The psychotherapeutic intervention in the infant period must be immediate as the effect of the psychopathology of the parents on the developing psyche of the infant is immediate, causing long-term disturbances in his psychosomatic constitution.

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