Georgia Koutsavgousti

Psychologist, M.Sc. – Psychotherapist, Family Therapist, Group Coordinator

Georgia Koutsavgousti is a Licensed Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Family Therapist. She has many years of experience in coordinating training and therapeutic groups. She has worked in the field of Education in a position of responsibility focusing on school climate improvement and the empowerment of school community stakeholders. She has participated in “Parents’ Schools” and supported teachers in the implementation of experiential Social and Emotional Learning programs (SEL). She has served as a Career Counselor in the Public Employment Service and has worked with Municipalities providing psychological support to the community. In recent years, she has been providing Psychotherapy to Individuals, Groups and Families as well as coordinating parent groups with the aim of empowering their parental role in establishing a secure parent-child relationship as a cornerstone of their healthy development. She has a special theoretical interest in the prenatal and perinatal period and in infertility in the couple and thinks “Koitida” is a place of “holding” and meaningmaking of this period experiences.

She holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Athens and a second Bachelor in Primary Education from the University of Patras. She completed her dual Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Paris 5 René Descartes and the University of Valencia, during which she received an academic scholarship from the European Union to study at Portland State University (PSU). She is currently pursuing a second Masters in “Psychotherapy: Theoretical Frameworks, Clinical Applications & Theoretical Approaches” at the Medical School of the University of Athens.

She has completed the educational program in Instruction-Coordination of “School of Parents” at the Hellenic Association of School of Parents and has participated in the two series of seminars “The art of motherhood” moderated by Dr. Psychoanalyst M. Michaleli and Midwife K. Daliani. She has participated in scientific conferences with poster and oral presentations, published articles in international scientific journals and has participated in the writing of chapters of scientific books.

She is a member of the Association of Greek Psychologists (SEPS), the Hellenic Society of Systemic and Family Therapy (ELESYTH) as well as in the certification process for holding the highest European Certificate in Psychotherapy (ECP).