Dr. Efi Stefanidou

Pediatric Neonatologist

Dr. Efi Stefanidou is a Pediatric Neonatologist and has been working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units for more than twenty years.
Her main job is to provide medical care and support to premature and troubled newborns, but at the same time he accompanies their parents on the long and often difficult journey they are going through, looking for their special needs.
Since 2013, ***CHECK*** she has been systematically involved in supporting the mental health of infants and their mothers and is certified in the application of the NBAS scale, a tool that aims to present to parents the early potential of their infant and to help bond the family.
In addition to Medicine, he holds a degree in Orthodox Theology and Humanities from EurAka University in Switzerland.
She lives and works in Athens as the Deputy Director of the Intensive Care Unit of Leto Maternity Hospital.