Promoting mental health during pregnancy and infancy

Support for families, infants and health care professionals

“In Koitida, we support families, infants, and health professionals to develop their full breadth of capabilities through shared encounters and mutual collaboration.”

Infants and families

Learn more about the support services we can provide to infants and families.

Support for professionals

To develop specialised skills or
deal with demanding cases.

Who is Koitida for?

Professionals providing perinatal and infant health services.

Young adults or minors who desire, expect, or have a baby.

Infertile couples and couples who are undergoing assisted reproduction techniques.

Women/couples who suffer mental health problems during pregnancy or the postpartum period.

Parents with infants aged 0 to 4 years presenting psychosomatic or relational difficulties or disorders.

Parents of premature infants or infants needing hospitalisation or facing a life-threatening health condition.

Parents who have experienced or are currently experiencing perinatal mourning

Teenage pregnant women who wish to continue or terminate their pregnancy.

In Koitida, we discussed our experience as a couple, our anxieties around birth and on becoming parents , about the first months after our baby's arrival.

The professionals in Koitida, facilitated the transformation of people into parents and of babies into people

Their vision in Koitida, has enabled the interdisciplinary team of participants to the training to maintain our professional integrity while not being afraid of our emotional availability towards babies and families.

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